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24/7 Assistance is assured with our readily available fleet on Budget and Luxury cars with well appointed drivers. For Sedan we are charging 8 hrs 80 kms only 1800 rs, Extra kms 15 rs/km, For Innova we are charging 8 hrs 80 kms only 2800 rs, Extra kms 17 rs/km, For Tempo traveller we are charging 8 hrs 80 kms only 4000 rs, Extra kms 18. rs/km, We have Luxury cars for VVIP clients (BMW & Aodi, Volvo)

Hotel Accomodation

We offer the widest choice in accommodation in Wayanad. Adventure Tent and Trekking offers a wide range of outdoor pursuits including Trekking. Mountaineering etc. We have Hotel booking facility in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Goa, Hyderabad etc, In Coorge we have Luxuries Apartment including food with reasanable rates, Our Accomdation in Kanyakumari was awsome you can watch Sun set and Sun rise in the Room.

Taxi For Wedding

We specialize in providing our vehicle services for marriage and related functions. We undertake booking vehicle for marriage travel purposes. We get these chosen vehicles beautifully decorated to as per the occasion. We arrange Luxury car like (Audi, Benz, BMW, Jaguar) for marriage parties nd VIP guest we have 29 seats Isusu fully AC bus in resonable rates.....

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Our Taxi fare is less then Aoto fare, only 150 rs for 5 kms, We have daily service to Coorge, Mysoor, Bangalore and Ooty, Book Omkar Taxi in kannur for safe and professional 24 hour taxi hiring services, #1 fleet service Indica, Micra, Indigo, Dzire, Etios, Innova, Tempo Traveller – AC, Non AC, Economical, SUV, Sedan and luxury cars (BMW, AUDI, Jaguar)Etc

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Omkar Taxi provides secure and dependable 24 hour taxi hiring services for a short distance and long distance trips. We have an unparalleled track record, specifically designed to cater to your corporate or academic events, special programs, personal or leisure travel. Our safe and punctual services will accomplish all your objectives of purposeful yet wonderful travel. Our services consist of the pickup and drop off of the customers from the airport/railway stations to your hotel room, to seminars or corporate meetings. We have customized tour packages for any travel destinations, be it official tour or religious tour, we do it with equal dedication. We always welcome your suggestions to improve our services. Of course, your valuable feedback helps us to serve you in a well-organized manner, customized your tour package at unbelievable and reasonable rates.

Call on us just once and you’ll discover that we match safety and reliability with ease. Our taxi rates are really affordable from the Kozhikode airport to Kannur and its nearby places. if you need to hire a car in Kannur or its surrounding area, we are the ones to call. We are pioneers in the travel and tourism sector with a flawless record of offering hotel and resort reservations at tourist destinations in Kerala. You can explore our range of vehicles with A/C and non A/C cabs from Ford, Hyundai, Maruti, Ford, Toyota, Tata etc. Our travel experts will be in touch with you throughout your travel to ensure your comfort. Our friendly staff will solve all your travel related problems, so that you can relax and like your valuable holiday.

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At Omkar Taxis, we offer best taxi services in Kannur and its nearby locations. We focus on our perfect and well-timed service. And we also consider travel comfort as the paramount factor of our schedule, as you can enjoy your travel with our fleet of luxury SUVS and Sedans, particularly fine tuned for your outing delight. Our travel executives are well prepared to answer any query you may have regarding your travel planning and arrangements. They are also skilled to handle domestic and international travel formalities. Omkar Taxi service offers tailored services to give maximum comfort and pleasure to our customers. We assure a stress free and unforgettable tour with thorough attention to our customers. Our wonderful team of travel professionals and car rental offers our customers with professional support like taxi booking and providing tour package information. Mail or call us for peace of mind knowing that we will offer the best taxi prices and exceptional service

Omkar is one of the most trusted taxi services in Kannur with numerous branch offices in Kerala. Our services include travel package, tours, taxi services and luxury coaches. We offer professional and focused travel service to our travel partners across the world. Omkar Taxi provides car rentals for pick up and drop facility from anywhere in Kannur/Malabar. Only 150 rs for Rly stn dropping within 5 kms in Kannur dist, Choose our tax services for a comfortable and reliable service


A Spectacle of Divine Transformation

.Every year, amidst the vibrant cultural tapestry of Kerala, India, unfolds a mesmerizing spectacle known as the Theyyam festival. This unique celebration is a vibrant amalgamation of dance, music, mythology, and spirituality, drawing throngs of devotees and tourists alike to witness its splendor.

.Theyyam, derived from the Malayalam word "Deivam" meaning God, is a form of ritualistic worship practiced primarily in the northern districts of Kerala. What sets Theyyam apart is its captivating blend of ritualistic performance and religious fervor, where performers transform into embodiments of divine beings, blurring the lines between the mortal and the celestial.

.Preparations for the Theyyam festival begin months in advance, with elaborate rituals and ceremonies conducted to invoke the blessings of the gods. Artisans meticulously craft the ornate costumes and vibrant masks worn by the performers, each representing a specific deity or mythological character.

The performances are characterized by a trance-like state, with the artists believed to be possessed by the deities they portray. Through elaborate rituals and stylized gestures, they enact ancient myths and legends, weaving a mesmerizing narrative that transports spectators to a realm of mysticism and devotion. .

As the festival commences, the atmosphere becomes charged with anticipation and excitement. Drumbeats reverberate through the air, signaling the arrival of the performers adorned in their resplendent attire. Accompanied by traditional music, Theyyam dancers, known as “artists,” embark on their transformative journey, channeling the spirits of gods and goddesses through intricate movements and expressions.

The Theyyam festival holds deep spiritual significance for the local communities, serving as a powerful medium for connecting with the divine and seeking divine intervention for various aspects of life, including prosperity, fertility, and protection from evil forces.

Beyond its religious significance, Theyyam also serves as a platform for the preservation and promotion of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. Passed down through generations, the art of Theyyam represents a living tradition that continues to thrive amidst the rapid pace of modernization.